😍 meaning: Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes Emoji


We all know that nowadays emojis have become an important part of our conversation, which means when we send an emoji to anyone that time we try to express our emotions through that emoji.

But who doesn’t have any idea about the meaning of the emoji that we send that could stuck on one query which is what is meant by emoji?Β Here we are going to discuss the 😍 meaning of this emoji.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss this 😍 emoji meaning and here to explain this emoji we are going to explain the meaning of this emoji from a girl and a guy with an example give gives you a proper understanding about 😍 emoji. In the common language, we say this emoji as a heart-eye emoji or smiley.


When we see this emoji, the first thing that comes into our mind is this emoji’s cuteness. This yellow face emoji with heart eyes emoji and with cute smile on the emoji’s face.

This smiley face emoji with two heart eyes emoji gives us a positive vibe, which may create a positive impact on the sender and receiver.

In the upcoming part, we understand the meaning and use of these emojis in different situations and also try to get an idea of the reply to these emojis.

😍 meaning:

Here we can see the smiley face emoji which is commonly known as the smiling face with heart eyes emoji, this emoji is used to express love, close relationships, adoration, infatuation, and cuteness through this emoji.

The meaning of this emoji could depend on the situation where we are going to use this emoji like we said we are going to explain this emoji’s meaning from a girl and a guy.

😍 meaning in text:

As we can see this is a simple smiling yellow face, with two hearts placed on this emoji’s eyes. Due to that the meaning of this emoji, expresses cuteness, calmness, and close affection for friends or Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

πŸ˜πŸ’• meaning:

As we said this smiling face with heart eyes emoji is used to express love, affection, and adoration kind of emotions and here πŸ˜πŸ’• this emoji somehow indicates emotions like a lover’s emotions. Here this emoji πŸ’• is used to show a close bond between two lovers

  • 😍 smiling face with heart eyes: As we said this emoji is used to express love, cuteness, and affection for anyone or something.
  • πŸ’• two hearts: We all know that the red heart emoji is used to express love and affection kind of emotions, and here these two hearts are used to express love between couples.

😍 Emoji meaning:

Hope you understand the meaning of this emoji in the upper part, but as we always say the actual meaning of emoji depends on the emotions, and feelings behind that emoji.

This emoji basically used to express, calmness, peace of mind, happiness, and affection for a close relationship like love and friendship. To understand the emoji we use examples on behalf of a girl and a boy,

😍 meaning from a girl:

It is very difficult for anyone to express a girl’s emotions or feelings, if we try to write a girl’s feelings in words, hardly anyone will succeed, but we will still try. To get more information about 😍 meaning from a girl you must read it.

”We think you heard a phrase that love does not need words, but still, words should be used to express love. We use loving words to show our love, we use this emoji to show the happiness or surprise that is found in love.”

πŸ‘™πŸ˜ meaning:

Here we can see two different emojis, one of them is πŸ‘™ a bikini emoji which is used to compliment a girl to glorify her beauty, and another one 😍 emoji used to express your likely or lovable emotions. This πŸ‘™πŸ˜ emoji is used to express lovely emotions or to give a compliment on bikini wear.

  • 😍 meaning: As we can see an adorable smile on this emoji face, because of we can assume the meaning of this emoji: love, affection, and desire this kind of emotions are expressed by this emoji.
  • πŸ‘™ meaning: We all know that this emoji is used to express bikini.
😘😍 meaning:

The emojis 😘 and 😍 are often used to convey affection, love, or a strong attraction for a girlfriend or boyfriend or for some admirable thing.

  • 😘 meaning: Here we can see a face blowing a kiss emoji, which is commonly used to express blowing a kiss and also used to express love, affection, and kind loving gestures.
  • 😍 meaning: This emoji is an emoji used to express love, adoration, and affection kind of emotions.
😍 meaning from a guy or boy:

Mainly it has been seen that boys who are in love suppress their desires. Today here we know how and by what means a boy expresses his feelings.

”There are very rarely any people on this earth who do not have friends, friendship is a feeling that everyone experiences in their life. There are many incidents in a friendship where a person shares his happiness or sadness with his best friends, and many times we express our happiness through this emoji when a friend encourages it.”

There are different combinations are used to express the feelings and emotions of this emoji, we’ll see them one by one:

  1. πŸ˜πŸ’• meaning:Β These emojis are mainly used in only one scenario when a guy or girl sees a hot guy or girl and starts thinking that they fall in love at first site.
  2. πŸ”₯😍 meaning:Β Take an above example here like when a guy or girl sees the hot boy or girl and starts feeling the burning sensation from inside at that time we see these emojis in use.

Here are some more combinations, you can find them in the form of a table,

Emoji CombinationMeaning of this emoji combination
πŸ˜πŸŒ…Whenever we go for long drive or go on beach, we experience the happiness and peace mind there that makes you to use this kind of emojis
πŸ˜πŸš†Many people love to travel by train, at that point the feeling that they feel we can understand by this emojis
😍😘When your with girlfriend and somehow you find that how beautiful is your girlfriend this emoji shows the same expression which comes on your face
😍🀩Every boy or girl is fan of any celebrity, and whenever you see them the same expression comes on your face at that moment.

😍 png:


If you guys want to know the Unicode for smiling face with heart eyes, you can check here.


What does πŸ’‹πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ€£ mean?

Here we can see four different emojis, which means on an individual level each emoji has a different meaning. But these emoji are used to indicate one situation as per experience these emoji are used to express the awkward romantic situation.

what does 🀀😍 mean?

In two different scenarios, we used this emoji combination, firstly when your so much hungry and you see delicious food that time, and secondly when you are at the beach and checking out some girls that make look like these emojis.

What does 😍 mean?

As we explain in detail this emoji in the above part these emoji are used express love and affection for close friendships or relationships. For better understanding, you can also read some examples which give you an idea of 😍 emoji.


In this article, we get an idea of the meaning of 😍 this emoji and how we used this emoji in a different situation and also get an idea of a different combination of emoji with this 😍 emojis. Hope you all like our article please share it, and to know more please bookmark our blog Ans2How.

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