😚 meaning from girl: Love

😚 meaning from girl

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Hello guys today in this article we will explore the meaning of this kissing face with closed eyes emoji from a guy. Also, we will explore the meaning of this emoji from a different perspective.

Here in this article, we will understand the meaning of this emoji with an example, the 😚 emoji, relatively new to the emoji scene, carries a unique significance in digital communication.

😚 Meaning from Girl

When it comes to decoding emojis, figuring out what they really mean can be like cracking a code. Take the 😚 emoji, for example. From a girl’s perspective, its meaning can vary quite a bit. Here to understand the meaning of kissing face with closed eyes emoji from a girl with an example, hope you understand the meaning of this emoji from a girl.

For example,

Sarah: Hey, how’s everything going? 😚
Alex: Not bad, just busy with work. How about you?
Sarah: Same here, but hey, I wanted to thank you for helping out yesterday. You’re a lifesaver! 😚
Alex: Aw, no problem at all! Happy to help anytime.
Sarah: Seriously, though, you’re the best! 😚
Alex: Thanks, Sarah! You’re pretty awesome too. 😊

😚 Meaning from Girl to Girl

Between us girls, using 😚 could mean a lot of things. It might just be a friendly gesture, you know, to show affection or support in a non-romantic way.

It’s like sending a virtual hug or a sweet peck on the cheek to a close friend. Here we are going to understand the meaning of this emoji by using a conversation between Emily and Sophie which may help you understand this emoji.

For example, where the 😚 emoji is used between girls:

Emily: Hey, how’s your day going? 😚
Sophie: Not bad, just trying to survive this crazy week! πŸ˜…
Emily: I know the feeling! By the way, your presentation rocked yesterday! You nailed it! 😚
Sophie: Aw, thanks! It was nerve-wracking, but I’m glad it went well.
Emily: Seriously, you killed it! 😚
Sophie: You’re the sweetest! 😊

😚 Meaning from a Boy

Now, if a guy receives a 😚 from a girl, it might feel like she’s hinting at something romantic. It’s like a gentle kiss, a sign of fondness, or maybe a little bit of flirtation. But hey, it really depends on the situationβ€”sometimes, it could just be a friendly or playful thing too. Here let us understand the meaning of this kissing face with closed eyes emoji with an example,

Here’s an example of how a boy might use the 😚 emoji:

Jason: Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the movie last night. Really enjoyed it! 😚
Emma: Me too, it was fun!
Jason: Definitely. You looked great, by the way. 😚
Emma: Aw, thanks, Jason! You’re sweet. 😊
Jason: Anytime! Let’s do it again soon. 😚

😚 Meaning from Girl to a Boy

If a girl sends a guy a 😚, it’s often a way of expressing affection or warmth. It’s not necessarily diving into the romantic zone but more like a sweet gesture. You know, keeping it friendly yet hinting at something deeper. Here we are going to understand the meaning of this emoji with an example,

For example, here’s an example of a girl using the 😚 emoji when messaging a boy:

Amy: Hey, how’s your day going? 😚
Chris: Pretty good! How about yours?
Amy: Not bad, just tackling some assignments. By the way, thanks for helping me out yesterday, you’re a lifesaver! 😚
Chris: No problem at all! Happy to help.
Amy: Seriously, though, you’re amazing! 😚
Chris:Β Thanks, Amy! You’re awesome too. 😊

😚 vs 😘 Meaning

Here’s where it gets interesting. Both 😚 and 😘 involve those puckered lips, but they’re different. 😘 is like a passionate or romantic kiss, while 😚 leans towards a softer, gentler affectionβ€”a kiss marked by tenderness or a friendly vibe.

Emoji 😚 😘
Meaning Soft, gentle kiss or affectionate gesture, often friendly or subtle Intense, passionate kiss, commonly associated with romance or love
Expression Puckered lips with a slight smile Puckered lips with a bigger, pronounced kiss
Context Typically used for friendly affection or subtle romantic hints Often denotes romantic love or strong affection
Tone Gentle, tender, or friendly Intense, passionate, or romantic

πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Meaning

Now, if you mix 😘 with πŸ’•, the heart emoji, it’s like a powerhouse of affection. That combo screams deep fondness, intense love, or a really strong bond between two people. It’s way more intense than a simple 😚 or 😘.

πŸ˜™ Meaning from a Girl

Switching it up a bit, πŸ˜™β€”with its slightly different expressionβ€”might be a playful or teasing kiss. When a girl sends this, it’s like a flirty or fun way of showing affection, with a hint of playfulness thrown in.

😘 Meaning from a Girl

When a girl uses 😘, it’s often a sign of romantic feelings. It’s like blowing a kiss or expressing deep affection. Whether it’s between friends or in a romantic relationship, this emoji usually means warmth, love, or a sweet goodbye.

If you guys want to know the Unicode for smiling face with heart eyes, you can check here.


In this article, we get an idea to understand 😚 meaning from girl and how we used this emoji in different situations and also get an idea of a different combination of emoji with this 😚 meaning of this emoji. Hope you all like our article please share it, and to know more please bookmark our blog Ans2How.

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