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The 😜 meaning of this emoji, when we see this emoji we can imagine a few moments or images in our minds that may express some funny events that happened in the past.

Whenever people use emojis sometimes they don’t know the meaning of the emoji, but they use them to express what they want to say. Here to know the emoji meanings you can read this article, which may help you to understand the meaning of emojis.

If you want to read the short meaning of this emoji, then you can read the emoji’s meaning in a chart. Here let’s see the meaning of this emoji from girls & guys with some examples.

Key Takeaway:

  • In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning of this emoji 😜 and also try to understand the usability of this emoji.
  • Here we also try to understand the related queries of this emoji ans also understand the meaning of this emoji from a girl and a guy.

😜 meaning:

As we can see, the yellow-face laughing emoji is used to express fun, teasing, naughtiness, and excitement kind of emotions. In common terms, we called this emoji a winking face with a tongue,

Here, as we can see this emoji is somehow showing teasing emotions to us, when an individual tries to make fun of another person make a joke about them, or mock them. These kinds of situations are expressed by this emoji.

😜 meaning in text:

As we said in the above section this emoji is used to express fun, excitement, and naughtiness kind of emotions and feelings. Here as we can see the yellow face smiley is winking when it shows the tongue, and we can see the naughty smiling face.

😜 meaning from a guy:

A guy using 😜 in a message typically indicates a naughty tone. This could present a sense of humor in a guy, in any kind of conversation when a guy uses this emoji then it is definite that there is something playful thing going on.

For example, suppose a college guy wants to prank his classmate, and he messages his classmate that his professor is angry with him and he wants to meet him right now at his place. His friend comes to the professor’s place, then after a short conversation, he notices a message on his phone that displays this 😜 emoji.

😜 meaning from a guy friend:

When a guy friend uses this 😜 emoji, it may express humor or sarcasm in a casual conversation. It could also suggest a friendly teasing, playful, or naughty tone.

😜 meaning from a girl:

When a girl uses 😜, it may suggest flirtation or a desire to be naughty. It could also indicate a sense of humor or a lighthearted approach to the conversation.

For example, When a girl chats with her friend in their class about some college popular boys, they start naughty gossiping about them then one of them uses this 😜 emoji to express the playful situation.

Related queries:

There some related emoji are present on the net, and people also want to understand their meaning. Let us see their meaning,

πŸ€ͺ😜 meaning:

When πŸ€ͺ is combined with 😜, it takes on a more intense and excessive meaning. This could suggest that the sender is trying to give a sense of wildness, and is simply feeling silly or goofy.

If you all wants to explore the Unicode for these emojis, you can check out the given link.


What does 😜 mean?

The yellow-face laughing emoji is used to express fun, teasing, naughtiness, and excitement kind of emotions.

Are there any other similar emojis to 😜?

Yes, there are a few other emojis that have similar meanings to 😜, such as 😝 and πŸ˜›.

How is 😜 used in conversation?

As we can see this emoji is used to express naughtiness, teasing, or flirting nature. This emoji is especially used to lighten the situation or mood.


Here we try to understand the 😜 meaning of this emoji, we understand the meaning of this emoji from girls and guys by using an example that may give you a clear idea of the meaning. To understand the various emoji meanings, you can access Ans2How.

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