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Emoji Meaning chart

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There are hundreds of different types of emojis available on the internet and on various social media platforms, like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook. These emojis are used to express people’s emotions and feelings, by using these emojis in any phrase or sentence makes it more sense to understand it.

As previously said that emojis are used to express emotions for an individual, but many times the user doesn’t understand the actual meaning of these emojis. To understand the emoji meanings please referred this article, which gives you an idea of how to use emojis to express emotions.

We try to explain the meaning of these emojis in the emoji meanings article, but for more understanding and knowledge on these emoji we’ll going to describe the emoji meaning chart, here we’ll get an idea of the emoji meaning.

Emoji meaning chart:

Here we try to mention some most popular and used emojis in chart or table format with their meaning, which might be helpful for you to understand the emoji meaning.

EmojiEmoji meaningEmojiEmoji meaning
😀Grinning Face😛Face with tongue
😁Beaming face with smiling eyes😜Winking face with tongue
😂Face with tear of joy😝Squinting face with tongue
🤣Rolling on the floor laughing🤤drooling face
😃Grinning face with big eyes😒Unamused face
😄Grinning face with smiling eyes😓Downcast face with sweat
😅Grinning face with sweat😔Pensive face
😆Grinning squinting face😕Confused face
😉Winking face🙃Upside-down face
😊Smiling face with smiling eyes🤑Money mouth face
😋Face savoring food😲Astonished face
😎Smiling face with sunglassesFrowning face
😍Smiling face with heart eyes🙁Slightly frowning face
😘Face blowing a kiss😖Confounded face
🥰Smiling face with hearts😞disappointed face
😗Kissing face😟Worried face
😙Kissing face with smiling eyes😤Face with steam from nose
😚Kissing face with closed eyes😢Crying face
Smiling face😭Loudly crying face
🙂Slightly smiling face😦Frowning face with open mouth
🤗Hugging face😧Anguished face
🤩Star-struck😨Fearful face
🤔Thinking face😩Weary face
🤨Face with raised eyebrows🤯Exploding head
😐Neutral face😬Grimacing face
😑Expressionless face😰Anxious face with sweat
😶Face without mouth😱Face screaming in fear
🙄Face with rolling eyes🥵Hot face
😏Smirking face🥶Cold face
😣Persevering face😳Flushed face
😥Sad but relieved face🤪Zany face
😮Face with open mouth😵Dizzy face
🤐Zipper-mouth face🥴Woozy face
😯Hushed face😠Angry face
😪Sleepy face😡Pouting face
😫Tired face🤬Face with symbols on mouth
🥱Yawning face😷Face with medical mask
😴Sleeping face🤒Face with thermometer
😌relieved face🤕Face with head-bandage
🤢Nauseated face🤮Face vomiting
🤧Sneezing face😇Smiling face with halo
🥳Partying face🥺Pleading face
🤠Cowboy hat face🤡Clown face
🤥Lying face🤫Shushing face
🤭Face with hand over mouth🧐Face with monocle
🤓Nerd face😈Smiling face with horn
👿Angry face with horn👹Ogre
Skull with crossbones 👻Ghost
👽Alien👾Alien Monster
🤖Robot😺Grinning cat
😸Grinning cat with smiling eyes😹Cat with tears of joy
😻Smiling cat with heart eyes😼Cat with wry smile
😽Kissing cat🙀Weary cat
😿Crying cat😾Pouting cat
🙈See no evil monkey🙉Hear no evil monkey
🙊Speak no evil monkey🐵Monkey face
🐶Dog face🐺Wolf
🐱Cat face🦁Lion
🐯Tiger face🦒Giraffe

Hand Emoji meaning chart:

The hand emojis are used to express the emotion and action represented by using hands directional action, in this table, we’ll discuss the hand emoji meaning in the chart:

EmojiEmoji meaning
💪Flexed bicep
🤏Pinching hand
👈Backhand index pointing left
👉Backhand index pointing right
Index pointing up
👆Backhand index pointing up
👇Backhand index pointing down
Victory hand
🤞crossed fingers
🖖Vulcan salute
🤘Sign of the horns
🤙Call me hand
🖐Hand with fingers splayed
Raised hand
👌Ok hand
👍Thumbs up
👎Thumbs down
Raised fist
👊Oncoming fist
🤛Left facing fist
🤜Right facing fist
🤚Raised back of hand
👋Waving hand
🤟Love you gesture
Writing hand

Two hands Emoji meaning chart:

The two-hand emojis are used to express emotions  and actions done by two hand emojis,

EmojiEmoji meaning
🙏Folded hands
🤲Palms up together
🙌Raising hands
👐Open hands
👏Clapping hands

Dirty Emoji meaning chart:

There are only genuine emotional and feeling emojis are present on social media and the internet, here there few emojis that are used to express double meaning or dirty meanings. Let us see them one by one in the chart,

EmojiEmoji meaningOther meaning of this Emoji
💦Sweat dropletsDroplets used to indicate wet condition
🍆EggplantIn other meaning this emojis are used to express dick
🥒CucumberIn other meaning this emojis are used to express dick
🍌BananaIn other meaning this emojis are used to express dick especially banana
💋Kiss markThis emoji is used to express sexy or lustful feelings
👙BikiniThis emoji is used to express sexy climate
👄MouthThis emoji is used to express hot lips
👅TongueLicking (you know more)

Naughty Emoji meaning chart:

The emoji are used to express the naughty behavior of people to express their dirty minds thoughts, we will discuss them one by one,

EmojiEmoji meaning
🤪Zany face
😗Kissing face
😍Smiling face with two hearts
🤩Star struck
😘Face blowing a kiss
😋Face savoring food

Face Emoji meaning chart:

At the beginning of the article the emoji meaning chart, we try to mention the maximum number of yellow face smiley emojis. Here we are going to mention the remaining face emojis meaning, let us see them in the chart table:

EmojiEmoji meaning
🐮Cow face
🐷Pig face
🐭Mouse face
🐰Rabbit face
🐴Horse face
🐲Dragon face
👵old woman
👴old man
🧓older person
👳‍♀️woman wearing turban
👳‍♂️man wearing turban
👲man with chinese cap
🧔man with beard
👼baby angel
🤶Mrs. Claus
🎅Santa claus

Heart Emoji meaning chart:

The heart is a very important symbol or structure for human beings, through this symbol we all get connected through emotions. There are around 20 plus heart emojis present online on the social media platform, where these emojis are used to express different kinds of feelings and emotions.

EmojiEmoji meaning
Red heart
🧡Orange heart
💛Yellow heart
💚Green heart
💙Blue heart
💜Purple heart
🤎Brown heart
🖤Black heart
🤍White heart
💔Broken heart
heart exclamation
💕Two hearts
💞Revolving hearts
💓Beating heart
💗Growing heart
💖Sparkling heart
💘Heart with arrow
💝Heart with ribbon
💟Heart decoration
💌Love letter

If you want more details on heart emoji colors then you can read this article, through this you get an idea of how color can change the meaning of heart-shaped emojis.

Social media emoji meaning chart:

Here to discuss social media emojis meaning the form in the chart, we’ll see three different social media platforms emojis.

1. Whatsapp Emoji meaning chart

WhatsApp is an instant messaging social media platform, this application provides many features like chatting, voice, or video calling options. WhatsApp provides many other features for interactive messaging like emojis, gifs, short videos, and mems.

There are same emojis are present on WhatsApp so that’s why we not going to include any further emojis in WhatsApp emoji meaning chart format.

2. Snapchat Emoji meaning chart:

Snapchat is a very popular image-sharing social media platform, here you get thousands of image filter options to post a unique image of yours. Here you can use emojis to add or mention in the caption which makes your post more attractive.

There are same emojis are present on Snapchat so that’s why we not going to include any further emojis in SnapChat emoji meaning chart format.

3. Facebook Emoji meaning chart:

Facebook is a world popular friends search engine, where we can make new friends by connecting with them through chatting, voice or video calling and many other features are present on Facebook’s social media platform.

There are same emojis are present on Facebook so that’s why we not going to include any further emojis in Facebook emoji meaning chart format.

If you all wants to explore the Unicode for these emojis, you can check out the given link.


Likely we can see an emoji meaning chart, here we try to cover almost all popular and most commonly used emojis. Here we mention hand emojis, heart emojis, finger emojis, and face emojis. To understand them we mention their meaning which may give you an idea about the emojis. To know more about the emoji’s meaning you can search on this site Ans2How.

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